Since 2002 Highland Multimedia has committed to increasing return on investment for its clients by accurately identifying what unique qualities the client has to offer and in turn producing marketing mechanisms that showcase these qualities to their clients and ultimately the world.

When we design websites, provide search engine optimization, capture professional photography or develop print work such as logos, posters, newspaper ads or brochures, our experienced approach always looks to highlight your organization’s value.


Highland Multimedia is an award-winning international marketing agency covering web and graphic design, internet and social marketing as well as photography. We breath life into marketing assets through beautiful form and function.


Few things are as daunting as a blank piece of paper. Luckily we thrive in the wide open spaces of imagination. By getting to know what it is that makes you unique we can draw together the various elements to build everything from your logo to your social media campaign. Being creative is imagination come to life, let us help you dream up your next project. 

Our Team

James Smeaton

James Smeaton

Founder & Creative Director

James has completed 5 years of university at St. Francis Xavier University and earned 2 degrees. The first degree was in Information Systems with Major, and the second was in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing. James has 24 years of graphic and web design experience stemming from an internship begun in 1995. He is also the Dean of Awesome for the Antigonish Awesome Foundation.

Robin Campbell

James Smeaton

Office Manager

Robin has graduated post secondary school with a diploma in office administration. She has been working in professional office environments for over 11 years. In that time she has learned the in’s and out’s of the optical, accommodations and dental industries. She handles many aspects of accounting, communication and project management. Robin is also a certified Yoga teacher with a passion for the outdoors.


We would like to thank the following past team members for their help to build Highland Multimedia over the years. It would not be possible to be the company we are today without all the contributions from these fine folks.

  • 1
    Matt MacIntyre
  • 2
    Matthew Puddicombe
  • 3
    Travis Myette
  • 4
    Curran Jensen
  • 5
    Bill MacDonald
  • 6
    Shawn Wilkie
  • 7
    Shim Pang
  • 8
    Evan d’Entremont
  • 9
    Dan Boudreau
  • 10
    Andrew Wilson
  • 11
    Dan Enman
  • 12
    Mike Brain
  • 13
    Don Smeaton
  • 14
    Roger Edge
  • 15
    Renee Fraser
  • 16
    Danielle Riley
  • 17
    Andrew Killian
  • 18
    Damian Welsh
  • 19
    Melanie MacDonald
  • 20
    Riley MacIsaac
  • 21
    John Kinley
  • 22
    Cedric Smiley
  • 23
    Matt McGlashan
  • 24
    Jack MacIsaac
  • 25

     Cohen Benoit

  • 26

    Trevor Stewart