Project Description

The full arsenal of our marketing talents were used with the ARA. The website itself was a huge overhaul from the previous site which we constructed over 10 years ago. The key on the new site was to marry form and function. The laundry list of deliverables was huge: writing the website copy, installing a credit card payment gateway for member dues, a project portfolio, event management tools, social media integration, a volunteer sign up form, embedded PDF rivers maps, integrated YouTube content and did I mention a donation form, also tied to a credit card payment gateway? We did it all and more.

Beyond the website we designed the logo, made posters for fundraising events and other signage and setup and customized their social media feeds.

We love all of our clients but the work of the ARA is very close to our hearts. It means the world to us to compliment those efforts and put the whole organization in strong place to garner further support to protect our local ecosystems.