Quality design work tempered in a thoughtful approach to value and decision making enhancement. Our projects are about communicating your strengths and encouraging clients to engage with your organization.

All the details matter when building an integrated marketing communication strategy. With over 16 years of experience Highland Multimedia Inc. knows how to make all the pieces fit.


We have been building websites since the initial explosion of the internet. That experience has given us a sense of the technology of the web but also how people interact with it. With a robust selection of service modules from Email Newsletter Services to Member’s only E-Commerce backends their are few projects we cannot help you tackle.


From posters to packaging, letterhead to logos we have 16 years of experience in finding the best possible layout, images and words to impress folks with your offerings.


All activities regarding internet promotion center on being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Regardless of what you have to offer it does not matter unless folks can see it and easily connect with you. From search engines to social media feeds we can pull the strings get you in front of your next customer.


We help our clients understand and deliver engaging stories about their people, services and products. By expanding reach, building authentic relationships and inspiring action we are able to deliver on the soft and hard goals of a uniquely crafted social media strategy.


High impact photography encourages the viewer to feel something. The freshness of lettuce on a sandwich, the professionalism of an interior design or the sheer scale of a breath-taking location. We understand these subtle touches and work to bring them to life in all our photography work.