why work with us?

The entire team at Highland Multimedia (based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia) strive to create sharp designs which carve out noticeable results. From your website to your logo we consistently deliver top notch graphic design and web design to keep your clients engaged.

Smarter Marketing

We use 16 years of experience, actual data taken from your communication assets to craft decisions on where to best focus your branding. The who, what, where and why all allow us to make a better product.

Decision Based

By understanding your products and services and how you deliver value we build the design around decision making information. We work with you to determine what’s most important to your business.

Simpler Designs

Complicated messages just get ignored. Saying that with two words which can be said with one is an exercise in frustration for the very people you want to reach. We keep our designs clean and simple.

Social Strategists

Clients must first hear about you before they can use your products or services. Whether via email, social media, search engines or traditional print campaigns we build promotions that encourage conversation.

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“details create the big picture” – sanford weill







At Highland Multimedia we never stop taking on new projects. Here are just a few projects we have completed recently.